We develop architecture projects of residential houses, apartment buildings, functional buildings. We prepare full-scale technical (TP), technical-labor (TDP), labor (DP), designing propositions (PP) and interior design projects. We deliver authoritative supervision of project execution.

All our projects are insured by the compulsory civil liability insurance for project designers.


Preparation of project suggestions prior to work implementation.We do all the work which is necessary prior to beginning of the designing of the project: mandate geological research of the soil; adjoin conditions; architectural requirements; we administer information spread for the society regarding the future object. Before commencing the design of the project we suggest several options to the client and after a thorough discussion select the optimum option, which meets the requirements and expectations of the client the best.
Preparation of technical projects. We prepare full part technical projects. We hold responsibility for compatibility of these parts.
Preparation of work project. We prepare work projects not only for our own developed technical projects. We make specifications for technical projects by other companies as well.
Preparation of blueprints and technical drawingsfor the production and manufacture. We can prepare blueprints for various constructions for the production.
Execution of services mandated by the Client. We collaborate with clients by coordinating the projects within public institutions or municipalities; we acquire documented permission for building. We perform authoritative supervision of the project.
We adjust project documentation by foreign companies to agree with legal norms and laws of the Lithuanian Republic. We prepare missing parts of the project until it reaches the status of a technical project and provide services of project approval (acquire permission).


In order to achieve success with the projects it is vital to have the information based on the latest news about situation in the market and its newest tendencies. Specializing in building projects our team dedicates its knowledge and experience to providing consulting of the highest level for clients within this market: investors, real estate developers and private clients.

Consulting services:

Analysis of overall object situation, documentation and customer needs.

Study of the object’s maximum and optimal possibility of utilization, choice of options and/or analogues.

Developing the concept of the project.

Estimating building costs of the object and evaluating time.

Project image formation in the market.