UGNIUS ARCHITEKTAI – A group of project designers joined together by architect Ugnius Vasiliauskas and his partners, the core of which has been working in the area of architectural design since 2006. At the moment we are one of the most rapidly growing architectural design and construction management companies, providing services of project designing and real estate development consulting in Lithuania, Great Britain, and Sweden. The dynamic expansion of business in our company is based on common fundamental values: Responsibility, Cooperation, Quality work, and Effective solutions.

VISION - To become the recognized and reliable leader of the project designing sector that uses the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing assigned terms of accomplishment and quality.”
MISSION - we expand the activity of the company by fairly fulfilling our commitments, cultivating long-term cooperation with clients, and providing mature project-based solutions. With our projects we create a higher quality environment for the society, business, and industrial units”

Effective teamwork.
Modern technologies.
Deep professional experience.
Financial stability.
Flexible decision making as a way to react to external change.
Constant improvement.


UGNIUS ARCHITEKTAI team is made of qualified specialists of different specialty fields: Project managers, Architects, Designers, Constructors, 3D visualization developers, Designers of all and any engineering systems. Their professional experience exceeds 10 years, thus we are able to learn from the experience of our colleagues instead of our own mistakes. As the clients have high expectations itchallenges us forconstantimprovement. Our strength lies in clever and talented people who confidently accept responsibility and strive to exceed the expectations of the clients with their contribution. We are constantly improving our qualification and perfect the work process. Our foreign clients provide our team with the possibility to develop and cultivate our personalities thusgrowing professionally in the international level.